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Hanako Happy Tracks (Tummy Troubles and Travel Balm)

Hanako Happy Tracks (Tummy Troubles and Travel Balm)

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A soothing blend of essential oils and plant essences to help support and calm anxious tummies. Alleviates motion sickness.


Simply apply to the soles of the feet and wrists, and over the stomach in a circular motion; rub in gently.


Traditionally known as a tonic for the nerves, as well as being known as one of the most effective oils for the digestive system. It is invigorating and uplifting.

Strengthening, warming and stimulating, ginger is historically known for its therapeutic properties on the digestive system and its ability to relieve nausea.

Promotes patience and peace and helps to relieve any nervous stress also known for its calmative effect- reducing inflammation.

Calming, grounding and stabilising on the mind and spirit. Good for combating stress and fatigue. Patchouli was also traditionally thought to strengthen the immune system, making it known as an immune tonic.

Historically known for its anti spasmodic, anti inflammatory and calmative properties, Lavender also relaxes and calms the body and mind. Balances and soothes the emotions and chakras and helps to restore balance to the auric field.

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