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Vrindavan Clove Bud Essential Oil 50ml

Vrindavan Clove Bud Essential Oil 50ml

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Clove Bud (Eugenia caryophyllata) Essential Oil. 


Clove Bud Oil: Clove bud oil is derived from the buds of the clove tree and has a warm, spicy aroma. It is commonly used in dentistry due to its numbing properties and can help alleviate toothaches and gum pain. Clove bud oil also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties and can be used to treat fungal infections such as athlete's foot. Additionally, it has been used in traditional medicine to relieve respiratory conditions and promote digestion. Clove Oil is well known for it’s high percentage of eugenol. This makes it excellent for cleaning mouldy surfaces as it kills and inhibits mould spores. Clove oil is useful for its disinfecting properties, and relieving of pain. It is also of use for skin problems and as an insect repellent. 

Vaporiser: Add 8-10 drops of essential oil to the ceramic dish of your vaporiser.

Diffuser: Add 8-10 drops of essential oil to the full water chamber of your diffuser. 

Massage: essential oils should always be mixed with a carrier oil when applied directly to the skin. Add 5 drops of essential oil into 10ml of carrier oil and massage into the skin. Always patch test first.

Bath: mix 12-20 drops essential oil with a carrier oil prior to putting the oils in a full drawn bath, this protects your skin and helps the oils to disperse through the bath safely.

Steam inhalation: add 2-3 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water & cover the head with a towel. Close the eyes & inhale deeply for 5 minutes. Repeat as needed.

Pillow: add 1-2 drops of essential oil to your pillow to encourage a restful nights sleep.

Safety Cautions:  Keep out of reach of children. It is recommended to seek a healthcare practitioners advice before using essential oils during pregnancy.

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