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The Keeper

The Keeper - Eddie Tote Bag

The Keeper - Eddie Tote Bag

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The Keeper unique Eddie tote is beautiful, versatile and sturdy. Made from a heavy weight jute-cotton canvas which gives it a lustrous appearance. With the strength of natural jute fibers blended into the organic cotton it will outlast other totes in eco style. Yet the fibres are natural and will compost back to earth at the end of its long life.

Built large and strong for serious shopping or fun, it has 6 large inbuilt pockets. You can keep olive oil bottles upright, safely stash cartons of eggs or celery and keep delicate items from getting crushed while grocery shopping. Or you can keep things organised when your out and about, at the office, beach or enjoying a picnic. 

As soon as you pick up our tote bag you will know it is something special. Thus it truly makes the perfect gift for that friend, colleague or family member who 'has everything'.   


What is Jute?

Jute is a natural vegetable fibre from the bark of the white Jute plant, or Corchorus Capsularis. Jute is easy to grow, harvest and weave and its fibres make a sturdy yet biodegradable fabric. 

In fact, jute is the second most versatile fabric after cotton, and the second most common fibre grown and used all across the world. But the best thing about jute is it uses less water than other fabrics during production, and the production of jute is more eco-friendly than any other fabrics. Jute thrives on rainwater, and with enough water (like in the monsoon regions of India), there's little need for fertiliser to help it along, nor does it need pesticides.

Jute is a gorgeous golden-brown colour, so it's sometimes called Golden Fibre. It is light, has a shimmery shine to it, and has a flexibility and durability unlike other fibres. 

By combining Jute and Organic Cotton grown in similar regions we create a traditional yet luxurious and strong natural weave that makes our tote bags so unique. 


The Keeper tote bag is

  • 38cm wide, 23cm deep and 34cm tall with 54cm long padded handles
  • There are 6 internal pockets, two on each side and one on each end
  • The padded handles make the heavy weights it can carry more comfortable
  • Perfect for shopping, the beach, picnics, as a day bag, nappy bag or at the office


GOTS Certified Organic - Packaging made from recycled cotton

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