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Hanako Affirmation Cards

Hanako Affirmation Cards

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Hanako's deck of 45 energy healing Affirmation Cards exist to nourish your being and help you realign to your highest self and deepest intentions. Perfect for yourself or as a gift to a friend.


1. Shuffle the cards.

2. Call upon God/Angels/or higher power (whatever you believe in), and think of a question you’d like an answer to or ask “What is it that I need guidance on today?”

3. Use your intuition and choose a card from the deck.

4. Carry this card around with you in a safe place for the day or place it at your front door, fridge, sacred space or anywhere that suits you to act as a reminder of the energy supporting you this day.

Remember… there is no right or wrong way of using the deck. If a card pops out of the deck, this may be the card for you today. May your days be filled with insights, connection and loving support.

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