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Hanako Meridians

Hanako Meridians

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A great point to stimulate if you have that feeling of being ‘stuck’. Helps to stimulate correct flow and release stagnation of the inner body.


Traditionally used to harmonise Gallbladder and Liver Qi along with stomach and intestines, encourages flow and soothes nervous tension.

Uplifting and calming. Assists to calm strong emotions of frustration and agitation and bring about emotional stability. Traditionally used to regulate the nervous system

It has a cooling effect and calms the mind. Traditionally known for its therapeutic properties, assisting one to release pent up energies and ease frustrations.

Associated with the Wood Element; assists in easing frustrations and nervous tensions.



This point helps to calm the mind, and good one to stimulate if you suffer from anxiety, insomnia and poor memory. A soothing point to stimulate if you are in need of comfort and support emotionally, especially to do with relationship issues.


The flower of the heart and associated with the fire element. Due to its therapeutic properties Rose is known for warming the soul, bringing healing to emotional wounds and removing emotional blocks around issues of love and limitations.

Traditionally known for reinforcing Heart Qi and soothing the body and mind. Supports in times of emotional burnout.

Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, balance the emotions and relax the mind. Encourages one to combat negative feelings of anger, frustrations, anxiety and fears.

Renowned aphrodisiac, known to boost self confidence, uplift and harmonise emotions.



This point has a very grounding effect and helps to draw excess energy from the upper part of the body. A good point if you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression or tend to obsess on things. Helps in restoring courage and self confidence due to strengthening the willpower.


Traditionally known for treating urinary tract infections. It is also known for helping one to build inner strength and courage.

Traditionally used due to its antiseptic properties . Beneficial to women’s health and assists one to stay emotionally open and receptive.

Warming and soothing to the Kidneys. Strengthening the energy and fire within, it helps to activate Willpower.

Reviving, strengthening and refreshing. Encourages vitality and confidence.

Traditionally used to invigorate Kidney Qi and strengthen the energy. Supports women’s health.



Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance: grief, judgement, intolerance, sorrow, anguish, inflexibility, resentment, melancholy

Energy Balanced: Endurance, flexible and open to change, trust of instinct and trust of intuition, compassionate, acceptance.


Known for its therapeutic properties; anti bacterial, anti septic, anti spasmodic and decongestant, it was Traditionally used for respiratory ailments and its purifying effects.

Strengthens Qi to the lungs. Traditionally used due to its anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti infectious properties. It is known as a good immune tonic and helping to build resistance.

Helps to deepen the breath due to its calming and soothing properties.

Traditionally used to strengthen and circulate the Lung Qi. Can help strengthen the subtle energies.

Known Traditionally for its anti bacterial, anti infectious and anti spasmodic properties. It encourages us to relax our breathing and symbolises renewal; letting go of the old and bringing in the new.



Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance: anxiety, emotional worries, disappointment, greed, needy, low self esteem, insecurity, mistrust/ suspicion
Energy Balanced: Confident, focused, content, trusting, understanding of appropriate behaviour. 


Elicits feelings of contentment. Traditionally used to stimulate digestive Qi and digestive disorders commonly caused by nervous strain and worry.

Traditionally used for its soothing effects on the digestive system due to its anti -spasmodic and anti- inflammatory properties.

Traditionally used to stimulate Qi energy to stomach and intestines, promoting healthy digestive function.

Traditionally used for soothing digestive disorders. Associated with the Earth element, it’s good for those that have a tendency to over worry and over sympathise.

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