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Little Mashies Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Little Mashies Reusable Baby Food Pouches

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Little Mashies reusable food pouches are fantastic when your baby enters the independent phase and wants to feed themselves using a squeeze pack. This can be a really tough time as a parent trying to get wholesome food into your little one when all they want are the pre-filled squeeze containers. It's reassuring to let them hold the baby food pouch and feed themselves, all the while you know that there is homemade baby food inside. 

Our refillable BPA Free food pouches come with over 50 recipes so you will never run out of ideas. We will show you how to make your own baby food to fill your food pouches and then healthy snacks so that your squeeze containers can transition with your baby as they become a toddler.

Little Mashies reusable baby food pouches are an absolute lifesaver when you need to feed your baby on the go and you don't want to carry a bowl and spoon, or chunky container. They are freezable so they can be used as an ice pack or put your baby food inside and then freeze the pouches. To warm them up simply run the reusable pouches under a warm stream of water from the tap, the baby food temp will be perfect.

  • No corners or gussets
  • See all the way through when held up to light (but fussy toddlers can’t see past the cute monster)
  • Double anti-leak ziplock
  • Anti-choke safety lids x 10 
  • BPA Free & Non Toxic
  • Freezer safe
  • Comes with tonnes of baby food recipes


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