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The Keeper

The Keeper Mesh and Muslin Mixed - 6 Pack

The Keeper Mesh and Muslin Mixed - 6 Pack

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This pack is a mix of The Keeper popular and versatile, yet different, mesh weave and muslin weave organic cotton produce bags. The perfect set to get you started on your plastic free, or plastic reduced, life. 

Our mesh construction provides excellent air circulation to the produce inside. The mesh stretches both ways, allowing plenty of space for your produce. You can hang garlic, ginger, tomatoes lemons, avocados and other skinned produce on hooks by the drawstring in area that is not too hot in your kitchen exposing all of the contents to open air, reducing spoilage and bruising.

The tight weave of our muslin bags means they are great for all kinds of produce but also perfect for buying and storing finer products like flours, grains, seeds and nut meals. 


GOTS Certified Organic - Packaging made from recycled paper

Pack includes 6 bags, 3 each of Mesh and Muslin

Small Mesh & Small Muslin: 24 x 24cm

Medium Mesh & Medium Muslin: 37 x 37cm 

Large Mesh & Large Muslin: 37 x 47cm 

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