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Essentials Lab · Natural Home Fragrances · 200ml

Essentials Lab · Natural Home Fragrances · 200ml

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Bloom Fragrance is a perfect fusion of citrus and floral; with exotic ylang-ylang as its base, we add sweet orange, honeysuckle absolute and finish with a splash of peppermint essential oil. Bloom evokes a sense of youthful abandon: refreshing, uplifting, invigorating and beautiful.

Bloom is perfect for any room. Use in the house, car, office, classroom, or anywhere a beautiful fragrance is required. It is like a burst of springtime in a spray, as well as being a perfectly natural alternative to burning a candle.

Fresh fragrances are as the name suggests, fresh and zingy! 
If you love lemongrass and lemon myrtle, you will love Fresh. This fragrance is perfect for when you want to feel vibrant and uplifted.

Perfectly balanced with essential oils of lemon myrtle, lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary and cedarwood. Fresh takes your senses to the forests of Thailand via the outback of Australia.


Waterlily is exotic and earthy. It is a bespoke blend of blue lotus absolute, patchouli, Peruvian balsam and lavandin essential oils. Its fragrance has a musky sensibility; it makes a perfect partner to our Wildwood fragrance.

Waterlily is beautiful sprayed in the bedroom; blue lotus has been used for centuries as a symbol of sensuality and passion and evokes a sense of the extraordinary. Anything is possible! Create a mood by spraying Waterlily in your personal space.


Wildwood is for lovers of trees, forests, earth, outdoors. Wildwood is for the adventurer. 
This beautiful fragrance is blended with creamy sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla, cardamom and a splash of lavandin essential oils.

Let its rich, earthy and slightly spicy fragrance take you to places you've only dreamed of with a scent evocative of adventuring to Morocco, India and the Middle East.
Wildwood is also a perfect gift for him with its earthy tones. Don't be mistaken though, as many women fall in love with Wildwood as do men!


Zest natural home fragrance is exactly as the name suggests, zesty. 

Loaded with all your favourite citrus oils; bergamot, lime, mandarin, tangerine and petitgrain this fragrance is sharp and uplifting. 

Absolutely beautiful sprayed anywhere to enliven and freshen any space.


Spa fragrance evokes a sense of calm and well being;  just like being in a day spa.
With loads of essential oils of rose otto, palmarosa, lavender, lavindin, tangerine and rosewood, once you spray this beautiful fragrance you will understand why it has become our favourite.

Spa is perfect for any room in the house; The safe alternative to burning a candle, it's like having fresh flowers or potpourri in a spray. Use on linen or on bed sheets. Perfect in the nursery for the little ones.

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